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Corporate SMS

Send out all types of day-to-day information:
notifications, warnings, sales indicators, orders or process status,
authorizations and many others.


  • TWW’s SMS keeps clients always well informed.
  • Easy to use and practical
  • It reaches more clients at a low cost
  • Higher level of security since TWW is directly connected to all operators
  • Speedy, trustworthy status and high delivery success rate
  • Greater credibility associated with using a short code
  • Detailed reports on all your SMS activities
  • Covers 100% of devices, regardless of model


  • Token for transactions and system access.
  • Notifications of parent-teacher meetings or student grades.
  • Urgent news-flashes.
  • Alerts of purchases made in stores or information relating to exchanges.
  • Confirmation of appointments, visits and general information.
  • Information on delivery dates and order status