Interactive SMS (S.I.M.)

Communicate more dynamically with your client. Using Interactive SMS,
you can create unlimited specific flows of questions and replies targeting your campaigns and activities.


  • Create activities with questions and answers at no additional cost
  • Take more effective decisions by interacting with your client
  • Analyze the results of your campaigns using detailed reports
  • Use S.I.M to design the flow that best meets the needs of your campaign
  • Interactive campaigns that don’t require human input
  • Intelligent database of synonyms: interpreting different answers


  • Carrying out high quality market research
  • Creating polls and after-sales activities
  • Simplifying enrollment or re-enrollment processes
  • Confirming client information to prevent fraud
  • Setting up debt negotiation flows, including options for payment in installments
  • Confirming purchases and offering exclusive discounts to the client